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The chairman of China Bearing Industry Association visited HONB for investigation and research

  • 2022/7/12 9:17:02

On the afternoon of July 8, Zhou Yu, chairman of China Bearing Industry Association, Liu Qiaofang, deputy secretary-general, and Ye Jun, general manager of Guochuang Bearing Industry Technology Research Institute, visited Hongyuan Bearing for research and disscussion. Zhou Shuzhou, chairman of Hongyuan Bearing, and Wu Qiaoling, general manager, warmly received.

Zhou Yu and his party visited our company's production, assembly workshop and standardized workshop successively. Zhou Shuzhou gave a detailed introduction to the company's development history, honorary qualifications, and the achievements after the company's implementation of intelligent and informatization transformation.


At the production site, Zhou Shuzhou introduced the intelligent information system, product application scenarios and competitive advantages. He also said that our company has always been guided by market demand and guided the team to adhere to the special and new route.

Zhou Yu highly praised HONB for insisting on scientific and technological innovation as an important focus, increasing investment in human and financial resources, and optimizing services. And they conducted in-depth exchanges on the technical transformation of bearing production lines and other issues at the scene.

At the symposium, Zhou Shuzhou gave a detailed introduction to innovation achievements, future plans, and talent teams. On the basis of our three main products, our company focused on the concept of one meter wide and one thousand meters deep for R&D and innovation, and continued to develop Various types of high-precision bearings, and position them as the key direction of future development, to achieve in-depth development of high-end equipment components in the vertical and horizontal directions. In the past two years, through the form of school-enterprise cooperation, we have continued to explore the cultivation of bearing talents and breakthroughs in bearing technology.

Zhou Yu said that in recent years, China bearing industry has entered a period of rapid development. The scale of the bearing industry has continued to expand and the output has continued to increase, but the research and development of high-end equipment supporting products is still relatively weak. During the visit, he was deeply impressed by our company's in-depth cultivation and meticulous work in the field of high-precision bearings,  hope that we focus on the construction of R&D platforms and increase the scale. And put forward suggestions and guidance from the construction of HONB Test Center, the design of the lean process route, the production equipment and the hardware facilities of the production workshop. Finally, he said: "HONB should increase its publicity efforts, and excellent companies should show more to everyone." In the future, he will strengthen the connection with our company and jointly promote the high-quality development of the bearing industry.

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