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Cross roller bearing installation precautions

  • 2019/8/16 10:11:37

Installation and lubrication:

In the cross-roller bearing, since all the high-quality lithium-based grease has been installed, it can be directly installed after use. However, compared with general roller bearings, the volume of the content space is small, and it is a relatively harsh rolling structure for the lubricant, so it is necessary to replenish the grease periodically.

The replenishing grease is carried out through an oil hole that is connected to the oil passage on the inner and outer rings. When the grease is refilled every 6 months to 1 year, please use the same type of grease to replenish it inside the bearing.

At the same time, after the grease is filled, the initial rotation torque will increase in a short time due to the resistance of the grease, and when the excess grease overflows from the sealing portion, it will quickly return to the normal torque value.

(1) Inspection of parts before installation

Clean the housing or other mounting parts, remove dirt, and confirm that the burrs of each part are clear.

(2) Mounting to the bearing housing or shaft

Because it is a thin-walled bearing, it tends to tilt when it is installed. Use a plastic hammer to find the level, and evenly tap it in the circumferential direction, and install it little by little until it can be confirmed by sound that the contact surface is completely tight.

(3) Mounting method of side compression flange

1) After placing the side compression flange to the position, rock it back and forth several times in the circumferential direction to adjust the position of the mounting bolts.

2) When installing the compression bolt and tightening the bolt by hand, make sure that the bolt is not screwed in due to the deviation of the bolt hole.

3) The tightening of the compression bolts can be divided into 3-4 stages from temporary tightening to final tightening. The screws are repeatedly tightened in the order of the diagonal lines. When tightening the compression bolts of the inner ring or the outer ring which are divided into two parts, During the tightening process, the integral outer ring or the inner ring is often slightly adjusted and rotated, so that the deviation of the outer ring or the inner ring divided into two parts can be corrected.

Precautions for use:

The inner ring or the outer ring divided into two parts is made of special rivets or bolts. After the nuts are fixed, they cannot be separated and are directly used in the bearing housing. At the same time, if the assembly order of the spacer is wrong, it has a great influence on the rotation performance of the bearing, so please do not disassemble the bearing at will.

The seam of the inner ring or the outer ring may be slightly deviated. Before installing the bearing housing, loosen the bolts that fix the inner ring or the outer ring and correct it with a plastic hammer before installing. (Fixed rivets will deform with the bearing housing)

When installing or disassembling, do not apply external force to the fixing rivet or bolt.

Please pay attention to the dimensional tolerances of the installed components. Pressing the flange from the side can firmly press the inner or outer ring from the side.

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