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Structural characteristics of YRT rotary table bearings

  • 2019/1/16 14:27:39

Structural characteristics and applications
    YRT standard series
YRT series rotary table bearing adopts a combination of radial full-loaded roller and two-row thrust roller cage assembly, one outer ring, one L-shaped inner ring and the second inner ring, with inner and outer rings installed. The hole is preloaded at the factory, which not only simplifies the structure of the components, but also reduces the workload of the installation and reduces the high requirements for installation. Therefore, for low-speed, short-time operation with high precision, high rigidity and combined load requirements, such as indexing table and rotary milling head, YRT series rotary table bearings are very suitable.
*The series bearings have two axial and radial runout precisions, which can be selected by customers according to their needs.

YRTS high speed series
The YRTS series has two axial components and one radial component like the YRT series bearings. The axial portion includes two thrust cylindrical roller cage assemblies, an outer ring, an L-shaped inner ring and a second inner ring, which can be preloaded in the axial direction after assembly. The radial portion is a cylindrical roller cage assembly guided by a cage that is also preloaded in the radial direction. The outer ring, the L-shaped inner ring and the second inner ring have mounting holes, and the bearing itself is fixed by the connecting bolts to ensure installation, transportation and handling.
     YRTS series rotary table bearings have the same structural dimensions as YRT rotary table bearings, but their special internal structure design makes them have higher limit speed and lower friction and uniformity over the entire speed range. Therefore, it is suitable for applications similar to YRT series applications but requires lower friction and higher speed, such as bearing applications for direct drive shafts, especially for the selection of bearings in CNC turret construction.
* For higher precision requirements, the series also offers higher axial and radial runout accuracy.

YRT and YRTS series bearings use TURMOGREASE Li802EP grease produced by LUBCON, Germany (can also use Shell's same series of greases, compatible with lithium complex grease), suitable for temperatures from -35 ° C to 140 ° C, and NBR, FKM, PTFE and PA66 are compatible. The YRT and YRTS series bearing outer ring and L-shaped inner ring are provided with oil holes for lubrication.
ZKLDF thrust angle contact ball series
ZKLDF series thrust angular contact ball bearings consist of an integral outer ring, two inner rings and two rows of steel ball and cage assemblies with a contact angle of 60°. The outer and inner rings have mounting holes that can be mounted by connecting bolts. The bearing itself is fixed by bolts to ensure installation, transportation and handling.
ZKLDF series thrust angular contact ball bearings have sealing covers on both sides.
The ZKLDF series of thrust angular contact ball bearings are lubricated with a composite base grease and can be lubricated through the oil holes in the outer ring.
Double row thrust angular contact ball ZKLDF series rotary table bearings adopt bidirectional 60o contact angle and double volleyball structure design, so they can bear radial load, bidirectional axial load and overturning moment; special structure of brass cage design makes it higher The strength and low friction torque; therefore, this series of bearings is especially suitable for ultra-high speed, long-term operation and high rigidity and precision requirements.

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