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Use cases of machine tool industry

project name

Sichuan customer purchase Hongyuan brand bearing

client's name

Sichuan XX Company

purchase bearing type

YRT series rotary table bearings

customer demand

High quality YRT rotary table bearings for personal use and supply to customers In this case, the customer who cooperates with Hongyuan Bearing is from Chengdu, Sichuan. It is a company specializing in the production of precision machine tools. The company mainly supplies local electronics, military, scientific research and other units. This time, in cooperation with Hongyuan Bearing, the company will supply the foreign-owned electronics factory with its cooperation and provide the necessary machine tools. Before the two sides reached a cooperation, the customer used foreign bearing products, the delivery period is long, can not meet the customer delivery requirements; after the introduction and comparison of our salesman, the delivery period has advantages over the foreign brand bearings, the customer The product requirements are high quality, and the price can't be too high. After the salesman introduces the customer to the customer in the foreign cooperation host machine and the domestic machine shop customers such as the sink machine, the customer has a deep understanding of our products. And to provide customers with YRT bearing sample trials, customer test and test indicators have reached expectations, consistent with the accuracy of foreign bearings, in the meticulous service of the salesman and the good word-of-mouth effect of Hongyuan products, and finally won the customer's approval; The company's procurement staff decided to cooperate with Hongyuan Bearing to replace the similar bearing products from abroad. Our products are mainly used for the horizontal machining center of the customer. The bearing models used are YRT260, YRT325, YRT395, YRT580, and the precision is P2. level.

client feedback
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The cooperation with Hongyuan Bearing has been repeated many times. Since the YRT series rotary table bearing of Luoyang Hongyuan Bearing Technology Co., Ltd. is applied to precision CNC rotary table and swing angle milling head, the precision is good and the performance is stable. Our products for Hongyuan Bearing The quality, appearance and delivery time are very satisfactory. The feedback from the end users is good, and the quality level of processed products is not lost to imported machine tools. I hope we will maintain long-term cooperation.