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project name

Jiujiang Technology Research Institute and Hongyuan bearing have reached close cooperation

client's name

A technical research institute in Jiujiang

purchase bearing type

YRT series products

customer demand

Our customers are mainly engaged in instruments, precision testing equipment, components and measuring instruments. They need professional parts to match them, and they are also very careful and thorough in the purchase of parts. After the professional guidance of our technicians and smooth communication between the two sides, we have demonstrated professional standards from the early drawing design, to the production of materials, and the inspection of finished products, so as to let customers The customer was amazed, and purchased the YRT series products and non-standard cross roller products in our company, and finally reached a close cooperation relationship.

client feedback
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Our company has always been a foreign brand in using bearing series products, mainly because the quality of domestic bearing products is uneven and cannot be selected uniformly. When we select domestic suppliers later, we test your company's products, and the test results can basically meet the company's production requirements, and the quality of your company's YRT series bearings is not inferior to that of foreign products, so we can see that your company's production capacity is still high It's very powerful.