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project name

Suzhou Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. and Hongyuan bearing reached cooperation

client's name

Suzhou Medical Equipment Co., Ltd

purchase bearing type

Ru series products

customer demand

The customer is Suzhou specializing in the design, production and sales of medical equipment and parts, mechanical equipment and parts, etc. the company has a huge resource group and customer group, and has a number of invention patents. Due to the demand for precision parts, the customer knows our company through the introduction of friends, and has a strong sense of trust in our company at the beginning. We have passed the professional judgment of customers The company has chosen to provide customers with Ru series bearings, integral inner and outer rings and structures with mounting holes, which have won customers' praise. After long-term test and running in, the customer and our company have achieved win-win development.

client feedback
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After using your company's bearing products, all the product indexes produced by our company are basically normal, and we are very satisfied with the precision and quality requirements of the bearings in the experiment. Although our company attaches great importance to the quality of the parts, we also attach great importance to the credibility and quality of the suppliers. In the follow-up investigation, your company is very in line with our requirements, and we hope to obtain the following cooperation We need more product support from your company.

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