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Mengjin County's 6th Staff Professional Skills Competition was successfully held in our company

  • 2019/9/9 10:20:07

In order to guide employees to become learning, knowledge-based and skilled talents, and to comprehensively improve the professional skills of employees; on the morning of September 9, Mengjin County Federation of Trade Unions and Luoyang Hongyuan Bearing Technology Co., Ltd. held the sixth employee of Mengjin County in 2019. Professional skills (CNC industrial robot operation, programming) contest.


The competition was held for two days. A total of three teams participated: Luoyang Yujia Auto Parts Co., Ltd., Luoyang Furui Auto Parts Co., Ltd. and Luoyang Hongyuan Bearing Technology Co., Ltd., totaling more than 40 people.

Ding Shuzhi, Minister of Labor and Economic Work of Luoyang City Federation of Trade Unions, Vice Minister Wu Aixia, Party Secretary of the Mengjin County Federation of Trade Unions, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors Zhen Zhenhua, Minister of Labor and Economy of Mengjin County Federation of Trade Unions Wang Hanmei, Luoyang Hongyuan Bearing Leader Zhou Shuzhou and Zhejiang Ruihong On behalf of Xu Ning, Robotics Co., Ltd. attended the opening ceremony.


After the opening ceremony, Zhou Yuanzhou, the leader of Hongyuan Bearing, and Ding Shuzhi, Minister of Labor and Economy of Luoyang City Federation of Trade Unions, went to the scene to observe the scene.

This skill competition adopts the combination of theoretical test and practical operation. The theoretical test mainly assesses the participants' assessment of robot and peripheral system related knowledge, including industrial robot technology, mechatronics technology, electrical automation technology, PLC application technology and safety. Literacy knowledge and other content. The practical test takes the industrial robot operation programming platform as the competition platform. The contestants independently complete the basic tasks of industrial robot system setting, function module operation programming and debugging, and comprehensive task operation programming and debugging in the industrial robot operation programming platform according to the competition task book. The robot is operated and programmed by using instructions such as motion instructions and logic instructions to the teaching device to            complete the integrated task of the industrial robot specific manufacturing process.

At the actual operation site, the players were fully engaged and skilled. There are three awards in this competition: first prize (1 person): bonus 2,000 yuan; second prize (2 people): bonus 1000 yuan: excellent prize (5 people): bonus 500 yuan. After fierce competition, eight players including Fan Liangfei, Liu Runfa and Li Yungang stood out and took the podium.


Carrying out vocational skill competition activities is an effective means to stimulate the vast number of workers to learn technology and learning skills; it is an important way to show the skills of skilled talents to the whole society; it is the stage of dreams that reflects the most glorious work of labor and the ability to become talents; Stand out from the crowd and fully demonstrate the important contribution of labor contribution and realizing its own value. It is of great significance to improve the professional skills and overall quality of the majority of workers and promote the overall competitiveness of the industry. It is hoped that the majority of contestants and skilled workers will be close to the actual production, actively study technical skills, stand on the post, and be able to give full play to their talents in the work and contribute to the economic construction of Mengjin County.

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