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Luoyang Hongyuan Bearing held the second phase of the new employee training graduation ceremony

  • 2019/6/14 16:27:57

On the afternoon of June 14, Luoyang Hongyuan Bearing held the closing ceremony of the second new employee training course in 2019 in the employee lounge area of the production workshop. The closing ceremony was mainly to summarize the achievements and experience gained in this training, so that everyone can further clarify the future tasks and efforts.


The on-the-job training for more than one month is not only rich in content, diverse in courses, high in standards, and strict in requirements, but also allows students to experience the joy of learning. In the process of learning, everyone is diligent and eager to learn, and is proactive, and a group of outstanding students have emerged. I hope that everyone can continue to work hard, play an exemplary role, and be full of enthusiasm and high-spirited morale to invest in future study and work. .


Young employees are an indispensable force for the company's development, shouldering the important mission of connecting the past and the future. The company's leaders attach great importance to the new employees' on-the-job training. I hope that through this kind of training, we can adapt to the new environment, team, position and requirements as soon as possible, and overcome the difficulties in the advancement with indomitable spirit and develop the company for a good and fast. Make the due contribution.


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