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Conducts Comprehensive Drill for Emergency treatment of Fire and Electric Shock Accidents

  • 2019/5/8 11:42:33


In order to further improve the safety production emergency management system and standardize the production safety accident handling process, on the afternoon of May 8, Luoyang Hongyuan Bearing carried out a comprehensive drill for fire and electric shock emergency treatment.


The electric shock "accident" scene simulated an electrician in the daily work, fell next to the power distribution cabinet opened by the cabinet door, the body and the wire have contact. After discovering the electric shock, the surrounding colleagues immediately disconnected the power supply and called for help. They performed CPR on the electric shock, waited for the ambulance and medical personnel to arrive at the scene, and finally sent the injured person to the ambulance to go to the hospital for further treatment.


      (Electric shock rescue)


 (learning fire escape knowledge and use of fire extinguisher)

Through this comprehensive drill, the disposal measures and treatment methods after the electric shock accident were further improved, the employees' ability to respond to emergencies and the employees' self-protection awareness were increased, and the overall emergency quality was improved. It laid a solid foundation for further safety and prevention of similar incidents in the future, and ensured that the company's safe production continued to be stable.

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